Top Benefits of Playing Chess for Kids

Chessbrainz Dec 08,2021 - 20:06

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Why must your kids learn how to play chess? 
Well, parents, this article is dedicated to you-To all your why's and worried doubts:

As a Parent, we know you always strive to provide what’s best for your kids. You want them to grow into smart individuals with sound thinking ability. The choices that you make today as a parent certainly has a long-lasting impact on the growth of your kids.
Young minds need nurturing in a fun way, this is where Chess comes in, two players, two brains, just a pure game of logical and thinking abilities. The essence of Chess lies in its intrinsic nature of teaching you to think before you act.

Here are some of the top benefits of playing chess from an early age:
1. Chess improves concentration – Chess is a game where you focus on every move and predict what the opponent will do. You create your game around that, that means your kid is has a lot to analyse after every step. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that it improves concentration and mental ability. Studies have shown that it helps players improve their concentration over time which naturally helps the kids have a better memory power.

2. Chess increases problem solving skills –“Problem solving skills”, might sound like a big word for your little one but it is just a basic thing we all do in our everyday lives- however young or old. Chess enhances that ability and helps your kid hone this skill at an early age which is bettered over time.

3. Playing Chess can increase your child’s IQ – Chess is a game which provides great exercise to your mind and challenges your mind with complex problems. With help, your child can learn how to solve these problems efficiently. This helps increase your child’s IQ. It also enhances thinking capacity, which transfers and not only helps with various subjects at school but also in various aspects of life.

4. Chess increases creativity – I know, I know. This might sound like a lie. But it's a fact. The source of creativity lies at how a person thinks. Chess is about creativity as we formulate creative ideas to beat the opponent. By solving many puzzles and playing many games your kid is sure to develop a creative brain.

5. Teaches Planning – This is probably a widely known benefit of chess. Chess helps in training the brain to create effective plans, and without a plan there is no roadmap to victory, be it in chess or in life. Starting chess at a young age can help your child plan better and decide better based on the information available, like most of us as adults often have to and often struggle with. But chess helps your kid a great deal with it.

6. Chess builds confidence- Chess is a confidence builder, no doubt about it. From adults to kids, whoever plays chess builds a certain level of confidence overtime, which is very important in these tough times. Self- confidence and self- belief at an early age helps your child in various aspects of life.

7. Chess is FUN- It is ultimately a game and kids love games. It has all the elements to make it fun from positioning the pieces to creating a harmony between different moves to winning the game, Chess is exciting and amusing, besides being intellectual.

In conclusion, Chess has a wide range of benefits but these are our top picks for your kids, who are still at an early stage of mental development and we at Chessbrainz believe that choosing chess for your kid can be an extremely beneficial step.

This is the reason we have a carefully designed Beginner Course after evaluating and working with so many kids where we teach them the fundamentals of Chess. Enroll your kid with us now and let us guide them in their chess journey.

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