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Introduce your kid to the global community of chess-playing kids

  • Peer learning during weekly community sessions.
  • Interact and develop friendships with kids from different nationalities.
  • Develop a competitive spirit with our weekly practice tournaments.


Our Services

Online 1-on-1 Class

Tailored guidance and focused instruction catered to the specific needs and pace of each child.

  • Personalized Attention
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Immediate Feedback

Online Group Class

Small group sizes (6 students) ensuring optimum attention to each child's improvement.

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Social Interaction

Our Courses


  • 48 training sessions
  • 10 tactical chess-puzzles solving community sessions
  • 6 online tournaments
  • Detailed Study material
  • Class summary and feedback for every session
  • Performance analysis and tracking

Fundamentals of the game get cleared, the learner is well versed with concepts like pieces movement, checkmate, castling and much more. The learner can play a game on his/her own by following the game fundamentals.


  • 48 training sessions
  • 12 tactical chess-puzzles solving community sessions
  • 12 online tournaments
  • Detailed Study material
  • Class summary and feedback for every session
  • Performance analysis and tracking

The focus is towards achieving International FIDE ratings. The learner is introduced to National and International level Chess tournaments.


  • 48 training sessions
  • 12 tactical chess-puzzles solving community sessions
  • 12 online tournaments
  • Detailed Study material
  • Class summary and feedback for every session
  • Performance analysis and tracking

The focus is towards achieving International FIDE ratings. The learner is introduced to National and International level Chess tournaments.

Of Chessbrainz

Pratik Vaidya

Pratik, our founder and International-level chess player, envisions a world where every child embraces the thrill of chess. With a passion for the game that transcends borders, Pratik has launched this academy to make chess a household joy for kids globally. Join us on an exciting journey as we transform the chessboard into a playground of strategy, fun, and boundless possibilities. Let's together popularize the magic of chess in the hearts of children worldwide!

Our Head Coach

Chiranth M D

Chiranth, our dynamic Head Chess Coach, is the creative force behind the captivating curriculum at Chessbrainz Academy. His dedication to crafting a dynamic chess syllabus ensures that every child's journey into the world of chess is not just educational but also profoundly enjoyable. Chiranth is committed to maintaining a team of top-notch trainers who possess a unique knack for connecting with and teaching kids. Under Chiranth's guidance, our trainers are not just mentors; they are inspirations for young minds.

Why Chess For Kids

Develops Perspective

Boosts Planning Skills

Improves Academic Grades

Improves Memory

Elevates Creativity

Increases Self-Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

Chessbrainz Common FAQ's

We recommend that children be at least 5 years old to enroll in our Chess Training Classes. At this age, most children have the attention span and cognitive development necessary to start learning chess effectively.

We will assess your child's chess level during the demo session. Based on this assessment, we will recommend the appropriate class level for your child.

To enroll your kids in Chessbrainz Chess Academy, simply get in touch with us, and we will guide you through all the necessary steps. The enrollment procedure is straightforward, and our team will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

The fee amount varies depending on the number of sessions you are enrolling for. Please contact us directly for specific details regarding the fee structure based on your chosen course and session preferences. We will provide you with all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

It typically takes around 24 sessions to acquire a good understanding of basic chess principles and strategies.

A student is generally ready to participate in chess competitions after completing approximately 24 sessions of chess training. This timeframe allows students to develop a solid foundation in chess principles and strategies, giving them the confidence and skills needed to compete effectively. However, it's important to note that individual progress may vary. Our instructors will assess each student's readiness for competition and provide guidance accordingly.

We recommend scheduling chess sessions twice a week for optimal learning. The duration of each class typically ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The specific session timings can be mutually decided upon by the student and coach to accommodate their schedules and ensure the best learning experience.

To stay informed about upcoming chess tournaments in your area, we recommend referring to our State Chess Association Directory for updates. Additionally, our instructors will provide timely updates about upcoming tournaments to ensure that students are tournament-ready when the opportunities arise. 

Yes, we are proud to award students with certificates upon successful completion of each level of our chess program.

We offer the convenience of online payment for the payment of fees at Chessbrainz. 


You need to learn the art of playing chess, and when you learn from the experts, there is no going back.

Chessbrianz is a reputed online chess academy that works towards broadening and developing chess as a game and art among young individuals and students.

We happen to be the world’s leading online chess coaching academy that has a strong international presence in 30 plus countries. We have students starting from 4 years of age. When kids learn the game of mind from an early age, it trains them well in the game. Whether you wish to learn chess just for a hobby or wish to pursue a career in the game, our training will train and groom your skills.

Once you enroll your child in our chess training academy, you will be amazed to see the positive development in your child. They will get a new direction after learning the game from our experts.

About Our Online Chess Academy Syllabus

Our certified chess course is perfect for beginners as well as amateurs. Our course helps in improving concentration, patience, and decision-making. It also has a positive impact on academics.

  • Comprehensive syllabus
    Our course is designed in a detailed manner keeping in mind that it is an interactive and fun-filled syllabus. Our syllabus is designed by chess experts with years of experience.
  • Weekly online chess tournaments
    One of the best advantages of our chess academy for kids is that they not only get trained by experts but also get real-time exposure too for free. We conduct weekly online chess tournaments so that students can practice and groom their skills. This also boosts confidence level.
  • International rated chess instructors
    We have highly trained instructors as our tutors. Our tutors are International Chess Federation FIDE- rated which determines the level their competency and expertise. impart necessary training and groom the skills of students.

Why Choose Our Chess Training Academy

  • We happen to be one of the top-ranked online chess coaching institutes with students in over 30 countries.
  • We have a team of over 100 professional chess instructors that expertise in the game of chess as well as have a passion for the same.
  • We have been in the field of chess coaching for over a decade with a mission of spreading the joy of playing chess among 100000 school kids across the globe.
  • We take pride in the fact that our students have won awards and accolades at various competitive games from local to international levels.

Benefits of Our Chess Academy for Kids

  • Training in chess helps in developing a perspective.
  • It boosts the creative level among kids.
  • The game also helps in increasing self-awareness.
  • Chess deepens focus and improves memory.
  • It boosts planning skills and improves academic performance.

At Chessbrainz, we all share a common passion for chess and strive to spread the same among more and more young individuals. If you wish to train your child in chess and boost their intelligence levels, connect with the best chess academy in India.