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An advanced chess course is designed for highly skilled players who have a strong understanding of the game and are looking to refine their skills to an elite level.

48 training sessions

24 Online Tournaments

Detailed Study Material

Performance Analysis And Tracking

Class Summary And Feedback For Every Session

24 tactical puzzle-solving community sessions

High chances of acquiring International FIDE rating points. The learner acquires a strong grip over the game.


Month 1
  • Decoying
  • Playing session 
  • Bishop End games
  • Test review- 25
  • Pawn Wedge
  • Fortress
  • Wind Mill
  • Test review- 26
Month 2
  • The Vancura defense
  • Trapping pieces- easy
  • Trapping pieces- Difficult
  • Test review- 27
  • Playing session
  • Importance of 7th Rank
  • Knight End games- easy and medium
  • Test review- 28
Month 3
  • Attacking the King
  • Grandmaster - game analysis(attacking games)
  • playing session
  • Test review- 29
  • Stalemate combinations
  • Depth in Middle Games
  • Grandmaster - game analysis(positional games)
  • Test review- 30
Month 4
  • Queen vs Rook
  • Types of Weakness
  • Exploiting the Weakness
  • Test review- 31
  • Perpetual check
  • Mobilization
  • Grandmaster game anaylsis (tempo)
  • Test review- 32
Month 5
  • Combination of diagonals
  • Playing on Squares (Bishops)
  • Queen vs 2 Minor pieces
  • Test review- 33
  • Postional evaluation
  • Pawn End games
  • Grandmaster game anaylsis (importance to know endgame)
  • Test review- 34
Month 6
  • Play against opposite side castling
  • Playing on same side castling
  • Grandmaster game anaylsis (opposite side castling)
  • Test review- 33
  • Identifying and atacking the pieces on Weak squares
  • End games (Combination of all piece)
  • Playing session
  • Test review- 34

Looking for the right place to help your child learn the right ways to excel is the chess game? Why not enrol him in our Advanced Chess Lessons for kids course. Chessbrainz is a great place to look for courses that can help you excel in professional tricks and tips. This not only makes your child confident about the moves but also helps in growing his cognitive skills. The thinking ability is considered to grow in a great manner and helps your child win endless awards in the game.

Why to enrol in the Advanced Chess Lessons for kids

Chess isn't simply a game; it's a way of life. It combines elements of art, science, and athleticism. So, when a person engages in chess play, he transforms into something greater than he is today!
Another significant psychological advantage is that, as one chess master put it, chess, like music and art, has the capacity to make me joyful.

  • Chess improves attention and personality development. Children who play chess fare well in school, according to the findings.
  • Chess is a game for people of all ages.
  • Chess offers a unique flavour to today's fast-paced world.

The chess teacher will create your Lesson Plan based on an analysis of your games.
Chess tournaments need devotion, proper guidance, and incremental growth with each game. You'll need high-quality chess lessons, professionally prepared courses, and one-on-one coaching to enhance your chess game.
Chessbrainz will create an Advanced Chess Program specifically for your child to fine-tune the techniques and tactics needed to compete in National and International Chess Tournaments. With Tactical and Positional exercises, this curriculum focuses on strengthening your child's skills.

Why Choose Us?

  • With over a decade of expertise in the field of chess teaching and 100+ devoted and experienced International Chess Federation Rated Instructors, we are one of the top online chess class providers.
  • Expert-designed chess curriculum of Advanced Chess Lessons for kids that is tailored to a child's understanding of the game.
  • Our coaches provide detailed feedback and tasks after each session.
  • Students are exposed to competitive chess on a regular basis through our FREE weekly Online Chess tournaments under advanced chess course ii for kids.
  • We focus on providing the best online chess coaching experience for your children using our extensive knowledge in the advanced chess course ii for kids.


  • This course is for students who have completed Intermediate or who have the necessary background knowledge to complete the course.
  • The minimum age requirement is four years old.
  • All you need is a laptop or tablet with a solid internet connection to get started with our Chess lessons.


  • This advance chess coaching classes go into the game of chess' opening, middle, and endgame stages.
  • This training is designed to help children enhance their tactical and positional chess abilities.
  • Every class will introduce a new topic and assess the child's comprehension.
  • The student will be guided via coursework and the use of technology to assist them to improve their game.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critical thinking abilities are one of the most important aims of the school. Chess, which favours the "if-then" thinker, is a wonderful instrument for reinforcing critical thinking.
  • There is a link between learning chess at a young age and children's improved math and science performance.
  • Chess appears to be a natural adjunct in terms of mathematic accomplishment due to its concentration on problem-solving, but children who play chess also exhibit increased reading and comprehension abilities.
  • Reading and arithmetic have comparable cognitive processes in that they both need decoding and analysis.
  • A player must concentrate in order to win a game of chess. For the young player, this correlates to better visual memory, attention span, and spatial reasoning ability.
  • Chess is frequently used as a bridge, bringing children of all ages, races, and genders together in an activity that they can all enjoy.
  • Chess rewards and promotes hard effort. Children learn that individuals who study and practise the methods are more likely to win games. Chess provides players with quick feedback

Benefits of playing Chess

  • It improves your ability to think logically.
  • Chess improves one's capacity to think clearly and reasonably. To improve their chances of winning the game, players must think beyond the box.
  • This style of rational thinking fosters a feeling of wonder and interest in the world, which is beneficial to everyone, particularly youngsters.
  • Increases self-assurance.
  • Chess not only improves a player's mental power, but it also gives them a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence when they win at such a difficult game.
  • This ability extends well beyond the chessboard and fosters self-esteem in children, teens, and adults.
  • Our advance chess coaching classes aid in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
  • To be strong and healthy, the brain, like any other muscle, requires training. Chess is a strategic thinking game that helps to improve brain function. Medical studies have shown that it lowers the risk of some degenerative brain disorders, including Alzheimer's and dementia.
  • Helps Treatment for Schizophrenia
  • Schizophrenia is a mental illness that manifests itself in a variety of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms.
  • Patience is a virtue that this book teaches.
  • A typical chess game consists of 40 moves and can span anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours!
  • Calculating, planning, and executing each move takes time. Children, teenagers, and adults may all benefit from understanding that patience is a virtue and that good thing come to those who wait.
  • It stimulates the brain.
  • The brain is similar to a muscle in that it improves with exercise. According to German research, aggressive chess activates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain at the same time.
  • When looking for the best advance chess coaching classes for your child, you must get in touch with us at Chessbrainz. We are a leading place to help you out with the right expertise and professional guidance.

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