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How Chessbrainz’s Online Training Program Will Benefit Your Child?

Chess is one of the most loved games by people who know how to play it. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of our population is not adept at playing chess. The world needs more awareness about the board game of chess, and we strive to promote the culture across the globe.
Chessbrainz is a one-stop-destination for online chess classes for beginners and amateurs who wish to learn and ace the game of chess like a pro. We have become synonymous with the best online chess course, which is both accessible as well as affordable.

Benefits of our online chess classes

If you think that chess is just another board game, you need to know more! Chess is a game that boosts your intelligence and creativity. Kids can benefit in many ways from chess.Yet another benefit of learning chess from us is that the game can be learned online without having to attend physical classes. This saves time and offers the flexibility of learning. Also, kids from various countries can enrol in our online chess training to master the game of chess.

  • Higher IQ

    Chess involves calculation along with logical thinking and puzzle-solving. All of these components help in boosting a child’s IQ level. It is an excellent game that parents must encourage their kids to learn.
  • Spark creativity

    When your children learn chess online, it helps in boosting their creative side. Chess is an art, and you need a creative brain for coming up with out-of-the-box moves in the board game.
  • Improves focus

    Chess needs strong focus till the end of the game. Chess players are known to practice focus as even a minor distraction can make them lose a match.
  • Brain exercise

    When the brain is trained to think logically, mathematically, and strategically, you learn to think one step ahead of the opponent. Your brain gets trained to think this way which makes you mentally strong.

Learn chess online from the best coaching academy

Whether you are a beginner or an amateur with skills that need training, Chessbrainz offers the best online chess coaching in India. We have the best trainers in the academy that are FIDE-rated and impart the best coaching to the future grandmasters!
The experts prepare the course syllabus at our centre in the field of chess with decades of experience. For beginners, our course covers fundamental topics such as basic tactical patterns and piece exchanges. Also, the learning of students is not restricted to online classes.
There are weekly challenges for the students to implement and test their learning and analyse the scope for their growth.

Why our online chess coaching in India is best for beginners

  • Our curriculum is designed by experts in the field of chess.
  • We have effective performance measurement tools.
  • 24*7 access to our platform for practicing and playing with others.
  • We offer the best online chess training platform.

How our online chess training helps kids

  • Kids can benefit from personal interaction with the tutor.
  • The online classes are based on the syllabus.
  • There are regular assignments for practice.
  • We offer game analysis and doubts clearance sessions.
  • There are weekly online chess tournaments.

Leverage the technology and learn chess online from the comfort of your home. Chessbrainz offers an opportunity to learn and improve your game with well-versed online chess coaching. Experience the best game journey by enrolling in our online classes.