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Our Instructor conducts the online chess group classes with a small batch of maximum 4 kids.
Expect the student to receive quality Chess training and development of competitive spirit with our small focussed group batches. Regular internal tournaments and challenging yet fun-filled environment will ensure the development of the student's game.


  • Interactive learning
  • Comprehensive Syllabus based Chess coaching
  • Regular practice sessions
  • Competitive environment
  • Guidance and exposure for Chess tournaments

Giving A Boost To Your Child's Cognitive Development With Online Chess Classes

A chess teacher online can have a good impact on your child's chess learning habits. Whether he or she is preparing for a competitive career in chess or simply wants to better understand the game, chess tutors can design the finest programme to assist him or her in progress. Chess is a wonderful game for instilling in young children the value and necessity of critical thinking and basic life lessons such as sportsmanship and the reality behind winning and losing games. Your youngster may receive plenty of training from an online chess instructor to help them improve their chess skills. Problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking, planning, and even creative thinking are all aided by chess instruction and practice. Chess instruction and practice also aid in the development of general cognitive abilities as well as academic accomplishment, particularly in mathematics. All this is taught in the best group chess classes online. It also strengthens emotional qualities like tolerance, caution, and persistence. Fairness and honesty are two of chess' most famous qualities. The international chess community encourages polite behaviour and respect for opponents but penalizes cheating players. Chess is a polite game with an ethical code that encourages players to treat others with respect.

After-school online programmes provide a secure and healthy atmosphere for students to hang out in

Online interactions are, without a doubt, the safest possibilities available at this time. But we all know how much they miss their friends! Enrol your child in the best group chess classes online. The programme helps you to relax, knowing that your entire family is remaining fit and healthy. The importance of social engagement with peers for your child's mental and emotional well-being cannot be overstated. To reap the vast range of advantages that come from interactions with friends and classmates, children must continue to develop their social skills. Children may practice their social skills in a fun, secure environment by taking Chessbrainz best group chess classes online.

Chess is an excellent approach to practice losing gracefully and winning graciously.

Losing games, according to research, are beneficial for children because they teach them empathy and how to cope with loss. By its very nature, chess allows children to share in the highs and lows of winning and losing with their friends.

Our tutors are exceptional!

Tutors from best group chess classes online are more than just teachers: they're chess players, certified storytellers, artists, mentors, creatives, and some of the nicest people we know! They genuinely care about their students' daily lives, and they bring questions and games to the class that engages and stimulates them. Our instructors prioritize engaging all of the children in the group and assisting them in communicating with one another!

  • People are brought together.

    Chess draws people together from all cultures, ages, and origins, bridging the gender gap and bringing individuals of all ages together.

  • Chess Aids Concentration

    Chess takes complete focus. This acute concentration is extremely beneficial to children in school projects and other daily duties.

  • Builds Self-Belief

    Taking care of your chess progress will help you gain confidence. Chess is all about you — you put in the time to think about it, put in the effort to compete in tournaments, invest the time to investigate your misfortunes, and discover your flaws. This art instils a sense of self-assurance. In any case, putting yourself through a time of severe chess progress may help you build flexibility and confidence.

  • Chess Improves Your Child's IQ

    Moving the pieces isn't a typical action; it's the result of increased understanding. In addition, if you want your child to stand out with their high IQ score, the chess world is waiting for them.

  • Make Your Brain Work

    Chess can keep your mind active and sharp throughout your life. Chess may be enjoyed by people of all ages. Thus, these mental exercises can be beneficial to the health of your brain for as long as you can remember! A healthy brain is one that is active, and it can improve with the best group chess classes online.

  • Excellent Educational Resource

    Chess is a low-cost pastime that helps youngsters improves their skills. Students benefit socially, emotionally, and academically from attending a chess school or participating in a chess programme.

  • Enhances Creativity

    It is said that a person's character is revealed via a chess game. A shy and withdrawn person may play more cautiously, whereas a pleasant and gregarious person may be a powerful attacker. The wonderful thing about chess is that there is room for everyone's personalities and preferences. You may express your creativity in the types of moves, plans, and strategies you come up with on the board in your own unique way.

  • Improve problem-solving abilities

    Because the degree of competition is rapidly increasing, in today's competitive environment, we encounter a slew of issues and roadblocks in our everyday lives. Some problems go unsolved because of a lack of problem-solving abilities. As a result, we must prepare our children for these issues. Chess is an excellent way to improve your problem-solving abilities. Allow yourself to be a problem solver by playing chess.

  • Children's Memory Enhancement

    Chess, as we all know, necessitates the player's concentration or focus. As a result, improving your child's memory is a great way to keep them entertained.

  • It Assists You in Staying Calm

    The key to success is to be calm and confident. We are constantly presented with cut off times, introductions, meetings, and exams throughout our lives, and just like in a chess game, we must remain focused and calm in order to play our best.

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