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About the course

An Intermediate chess course is designed for players who have already developed a solid understanding of the game and are looking to improve their skills further.

48 training sessions

24 Online Tournaments

Detailed Study Material

Performance Analysis And Tracking

Class Summary And Feedback For Every Session

24 tactical puzzle-solving community sessions

The learner gains good expertise of all the three stages of the game - Opening, middle and endgame. The learner gets tactically stronger and performs well in city and district level chess tournaments.


Month 1
  • Positional & Material advantage
  • Sacrifices
  • King & Rook vs King
  • Test Review- 13
  • Deflection part 1(easy)
  • Deflection part 2(difficult)
  • Importance of Castling
  • Test Review- 14
Month 2
  • Activation of Pieces
  • Ideas of Middle game
  • Smothered Mate 
  • Test Review- 15
  • Anastasia's Mate and arabian mate
  • boden's mate and hook's mate
  • Queen End Games
  • Test Review- 16
Month 3
  • Opposition and Distant Opposition 
  • King and two Pawns vs King
  • Complete playing and practicing session
  • Test Review- 17
  • Removing the defender - Simple
  • Removing the defender- medium
  • Mate in 3 moves
  • Test Review- 18
Month 4
  • Zugzwang
  • Imagination of Chess Board
  • Two Bishops Mate
  • Test Review- 19
  • Queen vs Pawn on 7th Rank
  • Rook End Games (Easy)
  • Rook End Games (medium)
  • Test Review- 20
Month 5
  • Clearance
  • Obstruction/Interference- easy
  • Obstruction/Interference- medium
  • Test review- 21
  • Bishop vs Knight
  • Adopting a Fixed opening for white
  • Adopting a Fixed opening for black
  • Test Review- 22
Month 6
  • Minor pieces Vs Rook
  • Opposite Colour Bishops
  • Types of Batteries
  • Test review- 23
  • Lucena, Phildor technique
  • Saavendra and Harovis Technique
  • Mate in 4 moves
  • Test review- 24

Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the top Online Chess Class providers driven by 100+ passionate and professional International Chess Federation Rated Instructors who are in the field of Chess Coaching for over a decade
  • Expertly designed Chess syllabus tailored to suit child's understanding of Chess
  • Our coaches provide detailed feedback and assignments after every session
  • Students get regular exposure to competitive Chess through our FREE weekly Online Chess competitions.
  • We focus on providing your kids with the best online chess coaching experience through our extensive expertise
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Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Tactical improvement
  • 2. Good performance in higher level competitions

Benefits of playing Chess

  • 1. Chess is an extremely helpful tool to enhance memory and concentration
  • 2. Chess enhances focus and increases problem solving ability
  • 3. Chess improves logical and critical thinking, and gives way to creativity
  • 4. Sharpens the mind of your child and sets them up for early success

Online Chess classes for kids course is designed for students who have successfully completed the Intermediate course or possess the knowledge necessary to undergo the course.

The focus of this Online Chess classes for kids course is to prepare the student to excel at the competitive level.

The syllabus is designed to significantly improve the tactical and positional skills
In every class, a new topic will be covered and the child's understanding will be assessed.

The student will be guided on the assignments and the usage of technology for improvement in his or her game.

Become A chess master with us!

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